How to Order By Phone

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1. Select the lilac varieties you are would like by reviewing the page 
Our 2021 Lilac Collection
2. Review Listing Below of Current Inventory 
3. Make a list of the lilacs (with preferred sizes) that you would like to order
4.  Phone us any day between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m to place your order.
315 -265-1630. 
Information we will need when you phone:
Name - Address - Phone Number - Email address if available -Lilacs Varieties and Sizes You Want -Credit Card Information - Preferred Time for You to Pick up Lilacs

Sizes and Pricing

Pot sizes are standard nursery size pots #1 gal. thru #7 gal. 
Pricing  #1  $24      #2 $29      #3 $39     #5 $49      #7 $59
Large pots  can be heavy. Average weights  #3  15-20  lbs; #4  about 20  lbs; 
#5   25 - 30 lbs.  If you prefer for pickup, we can remove from pots and package as bare root, wrapped appropriately.  This works fine, provided you plant within one or two days after pickup.
Current Inventory Subject to Change 

This is 2020 Listing.         Will Post 2021 on May 1

White and Cream 


Beauty of Moscow     
Betsy Ross       
Miss Ellen Willmott    
Mount Baker         
Sister Justina      
Pink and Multi-Colored
Atheline Wilbur   
Beauty of Moscow   
Belle de Nancy
Katherine Havermeyer 
Marie Francis         
Michael Buchner   
Paul Thirion       
Purple and Magenta  
Albert F. Holden  
Charles Joly    
Flower City   
Frank's Fancy  
Ludwig Spaeth    
Old Glory    
Yankee Doodle   
Znamya Lenina    
Common Purple     
Michael Buchner    
Silver King      


President Grevy   
President Lincoln   
Old Glory      
Wonder Blue 

Late Blooming
Agnes Smith    
Donald Wymann   
James Mcfarlane   
Specialty Lilacs 
 Dwarf Korean Lilac  .
Japanese Tree Lilac   
Miss Kim   .
Owen Rogers /UNH Dwarf 
Red Rothomagensis    
Wishing Star    
   Northern Sun   

Caring for Your Lilacs