Moore's Hill Lilacs
892 Finnegan Road
Potsdam, NY  13676

​2019 List of Moore's Hill Lilacs

When you visit Moore's Hill, we will provide a Viewbook with blossom photos, bloom times, and other information for each variety available for purchase.

Agnes Smith    Albert F. Holden     Anabel     Assessippi     Atheline Wilbur     Avalanche     Beauty of Moscow     Belle de Nancy      Betsy Ross   Bloomerang     Charles Joly     Cheyenne     Chinensis  White    Common (Old-Fashioned) Purple     Common (Old-Fashioned ) White       Declaration    Donald Wyman        Dwight D. Eisenhower        Edith Cavell       Edward J. Gardner       Esther Staley    Flower City    Frank's Fancy   James Mcfarlane   Japanese Tree Lilac    Katherine Havermeyer     Ludwig Spaeth       Marie Francis    Michael Buchner    Minuet     Miss Canada     Miss Kim    Mme Lemoine     Monge       Monique Lemoine   Montaigne  Mount Baker    Nadezhda   Nocturne   Old Glory    Owen Rogers (UNH Dwarf)     Palabin    Paul Thirion   Pauline Fiala    Pocahontas      Prairie Petite     President Grevy   President Lincoln    Primrose     Red Pixie    Red Rothomagensis     Rochester           Sarah Sands   Saugeana   Sensation     Silver King   Sister Justina    Sweetheart     Tinkerbelle   Triste Barbaro    Wentworth   Wishing Star   Wonderblue    Yankee Doodle   Znamea Lenina Red  

​List below includes varieties that we sell and these in the Display Garden. Not every variety is available for purchase every year.  

About Our Display Garden
Our developing Display Garden now has approximately 50 varieties, with approximately 35 large enough to bloom in 2019.   
​Varieties for Sale in 2019 are in Boldface
Varieties available for purchase in 2019 are in Boldface in the list below.