Moore's Hill Lilacs
892 Finnegan Road
Potsdam, NY  13676

Lilacs Bloom on Moore's Hill
Mount Baker early blooming white lilac
Mount Baker early blooming white lilac
A lilac nursery located midway between Canton and Potsdam, New York

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The Westerlings
892 Finnegan Road, Potsdam, NY  13676

2016 Fall Hours
Open Saturdays 10 - 2
September 10, 17 and
24, 2016 
Others Times By Appointment

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About our Lilacs
We have more than 30 varieties of lilacs. Some bloom at the regular lilac time (around mid-May), some bloom a bit earlier, some a bit later.  

We have traditional-sized lilacs, compact lilacs, some that stay under five feet in height, and others that can grow to 40 feet! We even have some that will re-bloom later in the summer and early fall.

And colors – there are whites, blues, violets, deep purples and pink varieties. 

North Country Hardy
All our varieties grow here on Moore's Hill. All our plants have proven they can handle a North Country winter.

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Come and Visit, and Tour our Lilac Display Garden

On a beautiful hilltop setting, we have created a unique lilac display garden, with more than 40 different varieties. Established with young plants starting in 2011, most of the varieties are now old enough to begin showing their blooms. Come and enjoy the garden, and the beautiful views, during the scheduled open hours.  We can also arrange special times for groups to visit.

We have plants of nearly all of the varieties available for purchase. We have plants in sizes ranging from 4.5 inch pots for to 6 gallon pots, and some even larger. We work to keep pricing fair and reasonable.

Our lilac headquarters is in the farm's original 1830's barn with hand-hewn beams.

Plants available for purchase range in size from small young plants to quite large.

How to Find Us
Moore's Hill Lilacs is at 892 Finnegan Road, Potsdam. 
From US 11 mid-way between Potsdam and Canton, go north on CR35 toward Norwood.  
Two miles from US 11, turn left on Finnegan Road, and we are the farmhouse on the first hill, on the left.

See the Lilacs in our Collection
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